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The project provides for:

Connection object to the construction of a centralized electricity and heat supply systems, water supply, sanitation (potable water and rainwater), telephone, radio, television, fire alarm;

Passenger Elevators – 630 kg cargo – 1000 kg, speed – 1.6 m / s, production and service company OTIS

External walls and internal walls – red ceramic brick, loggia – lime bricks. Combined insulation finishing facade;

Windows and balcony doors: double-glass in the five-chamber profile German WDS production. Glazing of loggias – double glass pane;

Landscaping and planting adjacent territory

Ceiling height – 2.70 m, plastering cement – lime mortar (except for sanitary facilities); Screed 3-layer finish (under the cover) with noise insulation (on the perimeter) and hydro (in the bathrooms);

The layout of wiring in the apartment (copper wire). Installation of electricity in the common areas;

Dual heating supply, Polyethylene pipes. No metal radiators KORADO European production;

Installation of entrance metal doors Ukrainian manufacturer with internal lock.